Marge 2020 is being updated - Here's what you need to know!
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Your Marge program is being updated for the 2020 Fiscal year!
REMINDER: It will not be available until 2pm on January 1st.

Here are some answers to the common questions below!
New Fiscal Year Tasks and Information is are found in the Help menu at the top of the main Marge screen. Go to PowerPoint presentations > New Fiscal Year tasks. There is really not much you need to do. 
We know you might need to post items to 2019 - and we've made it easy to do so! Simply be sure to select the Fiscal Year as 2019 when you set up your new batch - whether it is Disbursements, Receipts, Payroll or Account Transfer! Follow the instructions in the Help Menu > PowerPoint presentations > How to post a batch to 2019.
Processing your W-2s is easy in Marge!  First - be sure your Payroll History for Last Year is correct - verify your numbers. Then you can follow the instructions to use Marge to fill in your SSA BSO forms! It's free, as well!  You can use the SSA forms to print from their website for your employees - or you can print authorized paper forms right from Marge (no need to buy blank forms).  Simply go to the Help Menu > User Manuals > Electronic W-2's User Manual.
1099's are just a few clicks away! First, be sure you have the Vendor set up as a 1099 vendor (See Page 129 of the Marge User Manual). To print your 1099's, go to Disbursements > List of Vendors > 1099 tab. Then you just click the Create a Form 1099-MISC and create each form (it will create the necessary forms for ALL 1099 vendors at once). Close the form after reviewing, then create the next. Then the last step will save all forms to your Report Files folder on your local computer for printing!  Again - no blank forms needed. We are an authorized vendor for the SSA and our forms are verified by them to distribute.
January is always a busy busy time for us! Please be patient as we handle your requests for help! We are all on deck and here to help!! It's best to email us at - or simply click the "Send Email" button at the bottom of the Main Marge screen!

Have a wonderful New Year! 
We will be sending out more of these "broadcast emails" - and have an archive of these emails available on our website, so stay tuned! 
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